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Why You Shouldn’t Skip That Dental Appointment

6 Reasons to Visit Chinook Mall Family Dental

Many of us have come up with all sorts of excuses as to why we should delay that dental appointment, from our busy schedules, to fear of pain, financial issues, or taking precautions due to Covid-19. When you attend your regular dental check-up, you can mitigate the risk of more serious dental and health issues later in life. Here are six reasons why you shouldn’t skip your visit to Chinook Mall Family Dental in Calgary:

  1. Toothaches

Many common dental problems, like cavities, can cause us great pain if left untreated. Self-medicating using pain killers may temporarily ease the pain, but that will not solve the underlying issue. If left untreated, the pain may worsen over time. 


  1. Risk of Developing Future Health Issues

Health experts have found links between our general and oral health. Evidence shows that gum disease and tooth decay are linked to more serious issues like heart disease and respiratory problems. Bacteria from one’s mouth can travel to the heart and lungs through the bloodstream.  


  1. Routine Check-ups Can Screen for Other Issues

As mentioned, your dental health is correlated with your overall health. Many believe that a trip to the dentist is merely to ensure that we have no cavities. However, the majority of health issues have oral symptoms. Your Calgary dentist, Chinook Mall Family Dental, can play an instrumental role in the detection of more serious issues like osteoporosis and diabetes. 

  1. Tooth Loss

If addressed in a timely manner, almost all issues regarding gums and teeth are treatable. However, one of the more serious consequences of delaying that dental appointment is the loss of teeth. This can occur when tooth decay or gum disease goes untreated. In severe cases, a dentist will have to remove all or most of one’s teeth. This painful and costly outcome can easily be avoided with regular dental check-ups. 

  1. General Hygiene

One of the most common procedures at the dentist is general cleaning. This can help alleviate bad breath commonly associated with the lack of oral hygiene, and staining. While brushing, flossing and at-home teeth whitening products contribute to overall oral care, booking a session with a professional will help that smile last longer with more thorough care. More serious underlying issues associated with bad breath include gum disease and tooth decay. No amount of brushing or mouthwash can alleviate odor associated with serious dental issues – hence the importance of seeing a dentist. 

  1. High Dental Costs 

One of the most common reasons we avoid the dentist is the cost. Dental and cosmetic treatments associated with specialized procedures to restore and repair teeth and gums can carry intimidating price tags. However, visiting your Calgary dentist once a year can help prevent more serious issues with high expenses since emergency dental work can set one back considerably. 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us have avoided our dental appointments. Cost and safety remain the top reasons as to why we may have rescheduled or canceled. At Chinook Mall Family Dental Clinic your health and safety are our top priority. We have taken many precautions to ensure that you feel comfortable during your visit. Following guidelines set forth by AHS and the ADA&C, we are: screening all patients for symptoms, checking temperatures, enforcing strict sanitization procedures, encouraging everyone to follow social distancing protocols, and wear masks (except during your treatment). 

Our aim is to provide professional dental care in a safe and comfortable environment. Book an appointment with your favorite Calgary Family Dental Clinic for your next check-up. Let us help you protect your smile!

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