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Chinook Mall Family Dental Clinic

Chinook Mall Family Dental Clinic is a family dental practice located inside CF Chinook Centre in South Calgary, only minutes from downtown.

We feel our dentistry practice is as friendly and unique as your experience with us will be.

We have provided general family dental services for our patients for 20 years.

Caring and Compassionate, Experienced Calgary Dental Clinic

If you are looking for a new dental clinic in Calgary, consider Chinook Mall Family Dental.

We are pleased to offer the following dental clinic services:


There are many reasons that a tooth may need to be extracted (trauma, crowding or pain). Regardless of the reason Dr. Stewart Charchuk and the team at Chinook Mall Family Dental clinic will be there for all of your tooth extraction needs.

Dental Bridges

If a patient has a few missing teeth, this can cause several problems that bridges can help prevent, such as biting and chewing problems, gum disease or tooth decay. A bridge covers a gap where the existing teeth were and allows you to have a beautiful smile you can show in confidence.

Wisdom Teeth

Some people are lucky enough to never have their wisdom teeth cause any difficulty. However, there are others whose wisdom teeth cause crowding, discomfort and pain. Chinook Mall Family Dental clinic is seasoned in the oral needs of all our patients including those that require attention to their wisdom teeth.

Teeth Cleaning

Keep your smile beautiful by visiting Dr. Stewart Charchuk at Chinook Mall Family Dental clinic for regular teeth cleaning. In addition to whitening teeth and the cosmetic benefits, a professional teeth cleaning appointment can provide early diagnosis of other oral health problems.

Children’s Dentistry

Children have truly unique dental needs, so they need a dentist who understands these needs. Dr. Stewart Charchuk is trained to provide the children’s dental care necessary to ensure your child passes through all childhood growth phases and enters adulthood with a strong and healthy smile. Children ages 3 and up can be treated at the clinic.

Sedation Dentistry

Fear of going to the dentist is very common among kids and adults alike and can cause prolonged periods of time without dental treatment. Oral health is a cornerstone of overall physical health. Don’t let your oral health deteriorate because of this fear, try Sedation Dentistry.

Teeth Whitening

At Chinook Mall Family Dental Clinic, we use the Zoom Whitening Teeth System. This is a safe and effective treatment applied right in our South West Calgary clinic that whitens teeth in one appointment. The system is more effective than any take-home products, is quick acting, gives you noticeable results, and is long lasting.

Don’t delay. Come visit our dental clinic. You can book your appointment by calling (403) 252-7711

Direct Billing Available

Take advantage of our direct billing options at Chinook Mall Family Dental Clinic. We know you look for more than just a comforting dental clinic environment. You want to get the best dental service and your dental services billed directly to your insurance plan.

Prioritize your oral health with Chinook Mall Family Dental Clinic. Connect today and book your appointment!

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Dental Clinics: How to Choose The Best Dental Clinic

There are several factors to consider when selecting your ideal dental clinic. Depending on your age, dental needs, and convenience, you may require a different kind of dental clinic.

Calgary Family Dental chinook mall

Dental Clinic Experience

Chinook Mall Family Dental Clinic offers over 20 years of dental clinic history. Dr. Charchuk has operated as a caring and compassionate dentist in Alberta since 1991. In addition to his warm and friendly approach, Dr. Charchuk offers decades of dental expertise for the whole family, including complicated dental procedures for both cosmetic and emergency appointments.

In fact, the entire team at Chinook Mall Family Dental strives to provide a comfortable and calming dental clinic environment, conveniently located centrally at Chinook Mall Centre.

Reputation and Experience of Your Dental Clinic

Our patients love Chinook Mall Family Dental. We make sure our patients feel welcomed into the dental clinic environment and soothe the fears or concerns they may have about visiting the dentist. Please have a read of our reviews to learn more about our dental clinic and why Calgarians think we’re the best dental clinic to book with!

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While many things have changed in the last little while, our commitment to the safety of our patients and staff has not.

We are following all guidelines in keeping with the ADA & C and Alberta Health Services recommendations.

Please call or send us an email to book an appointment.

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