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I recently found myself researching the pros and cons of the different options for teeth whitening and after talking to my Mount Royal dentist about his opinion of the most common of them. His answer was that regardless of the teeth whitening method you choose, there are some very simple reason that your teeth are not their most pearly white.

Improper oral hygiene

The most common causes of stained teeth is the single most important change you need to make if you want a whiter smile. If you do not brush and floss regularly then food particles will remain on your teeth and the staining agents will increase over time. You should brush your teeth at least twice every day and you should floss at least once daily. By cleaning away the surface stains you will reduce the chance of discolouration and plaque build-up along the gum-line.

If you want your brushing routine to double as your whitening opportunity then be sure to use whitening toothpastes and whitening mouth washes. To make sure your daily efforts keep your oral health in check, remember to schedule your regular six-month cleaning at your Mount Royal dentist.

Staining food and drinks

Everything we put in our mouth comes into contact with our teeth and leaves its mark. Foods and drinks like berries, coffee tea and red wine can stain your teeth and acidic foods and citrus and cola drinks cause our enamel to soften and erode to expose the darker dentin below. The more we expose our teeth to these types of food and drinks the more difficult it is for our natural restorative processes to keep up.


In case you need another reason to quit smoking, then the effects of tar and nicotine, the two main ingredients in cigarettes should do it. The yellow film that builds up on your teeth becomes burrowed deeper into the pits and grooves of your teeth, the more you smoke. The more you smoke the more difficult the stains are to remove. To help you combat the effects of smoking and keep teeth whiter, you you visit your Mount Royal Dentist every three months rather than the usual six month scheduled cleaning just to be sure that stains are not setting in for very long.


Everything that causes our teeth to become discoloured accumulates over time, so the older we get the more the discolouration effects accumulate. No matter how much we do to maintain a healthy smile, the natural erosion of our enamel makes the surface of the teeth more transparent and shows the darker shade of the dentin underneath. Adding a whitening toothpaste to your oral hygiene routine can fight the staining effects of the aging process.

Medications and medical conditions

Because our teeth are connect to the rest of our body, the same issues that affect our nerves, blood, organs, and tissues will also affect our teeth. Vitamin deficiencies or anaemia will change the shade of teeth and taking some antibiotics will cause yellowing of enamel. some antihistamines and medications given to treat high blood pressure or psychosis will cause a colour change in our teeth.

Now that you have some tools to ensure you are starting with the most healthy smile you have, you can talk to your Mount Royal dentist and his team of professionals about the best options for a whitening regime that is best for your healthy smile.

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