Sedation Dentistry in South Calgary

Sedation Dentistry in South Calgary

Making Your Child’s Visit A Little Easier

Being a parent himself Dr. Charchuk knows the fear that can arise in a child when you tell them a dentist visit is coming up. Studies show that children who have a positive health care experience are more likely to have a favorable attitude towards medical and dental care throughout their lives. That’s why we want to ensure your child’s time in our chair is calm and anxiety free.

When our friendly staff, kid friendly office isn’t enough for your child, we suggest the use of Sedation Dentistry. Sedation Dentistry is a very effective way to relax your child while a procedure is being performed. It aids with someone who may have a low pain threshold, are unable to sit still, have sensitive teeth or are extremely fearful of having their teeth worked on.

Our South Calgary office uses pill or liquid form sedation method making it comfortable and easy to receive.

Is it safe?
Using only FDA recommended doses and having extensive experience with Sedation Dentistry we ensure your well being and safety while in our care. Before any procedure we review medical history and determine if your child is an appropriate candidate for sedation.

Many patients reach a near sleep while under sedation and have little to no memory of the procedure performed. You can expect your child to be groggy following their appointment, our highly qualified staff will go over At Home Care so you able to give proper attention after their visit.

We know children are not the only ones that struggle with dental anxiety.  If you or your child are in need of some extra care during your next visit please contact our South Calgary office with your concerns.

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