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At Chinook Mall Family Dental Clinic we are dedicated to providing exceptional oral health care for children, in a friendly and nurturing environment. It is important for children to begin seeing a dentist from quite a young age, for their oral health and to help prevent them forming phobias. It’s also to their benefit to approach a first dental visit the right way, your child looks to you for a cue on how to behave and react, so it’s important to approach the issue calmly. A few tips for starting the dental experience the right way are-

Take the child with you to the dentist when you, or an older sibling if they have one, needs a check-up. This way they can become familiar with the environment through observation. It’s important that your child sees and learns being at the dentist is routine and harmless.

Explain to your child what happens at the dentist before you go, and why it’s important to have regular check-ups.  Finding picture books, songs or role play is a suitable way to broach the subject.

Talk to the dentist. You’re the expert on your own child, while your dentist has seen many children on their first visit. You can work with the dentist to ensure that your child is introduced to the dentist’s chair in a productive and non-frightening manner. This may be by showing the child the tools first, explaining what they do, or demonstrating so the child can understand.

As soon as some of your child’s teeth have erupted from the gums, it’s worth beginning to introduce them to the dentist. Any problems can be identified early, so that hopefully more invasive work can be avoided, and your child can get used to a stress free trip to the dentist.

If a procedure does need to be done, encourage the dentist to explain it to your child with you in a way they can understand. There’s no need to mention horrible consequences of not getting the procedure done that can only frighten a child: stay positive and explain that this will make sure their teeth are healthy so they can grow up to have a strong beautiful smile.

Truth is no one really enjoys having to go to the dentist, so give your child something positive to think about, whether it’s a shiny sticker to show everyone they were brave, or a fun trip afterwards to reward them.


Despite everything you may do, your child may still find the prospect of going to the dentist daunting. It’s important to be understanding about that, and to stay encouraging and supportive no matter how frustrating it might be. If you can help your child be comfortable about the dentist now, that will last them a lifetime. Being a father himself, Dr. Charchuk knows the importance of oral health throughout the formative years. He and his Chinook Mall Dental team work hard to promote happy dental visits not only for our special young patients, but also a place where parents are comfortable knowing that they have found the best dental home for their children. Please visit our Children’s Dentistry service page for more information.

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