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How to Prevent Tooth Pain

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Tooth pain is incredibly distracting and can affect your day-to-day life. Toothaches can strike at night, making it difficult to stay asleep. Some patients experience tooth pain throughout the day while they move around, bite down and drink hot or cold beverages. Our teeth are connected to many nerves, muscles and dental tissues. When exposed to external sources like bacteria and different temperatures these sensitive areas in your mouth can get irritated.

The best option is to contact your local Calgary Dentist if you are experiencing tooth pain. At Chinook Mall Family Dental Clinic, we offer emergency dentistry. However, if you aren’t able to visit your dentist’s clinic right away, we have curated a list of preventative measures and treatments to help deal with your toothache.

What Causes Tooth Pain? 

Firstly, it is important to know what is causing your tooth pain. Your toothache can be linked to a variety of issues, this includes, tooth decay/cavities, an abscessed tooth (an infection inside the tooth), an injury, a damaged filling, gum disease, wearing down of your teeth from chewing or grinding, a misaligned bite or tooth eruptions (this is when a new tooth comes out of the gums, similar to wisdom teeth). If you aren’t able to figure out the exact cause of your toothache, it’s best to consult with your Calgary dentist. Make sure to let them know where the pain is located, when it started, how severe is it and what triggers or relieves the pain.

How to Prevent Tooth Pain? 

  • Brush and floss often: The best way to avoid tooth pain is to take preventative measures beforehand. The most common root cause for most toothaches is improper dental hygiene. Dentists recommend brushing twice a day and flossing daily. Brushing and flossing remove plaque and food particles. Plaque contains bacteria that feed off leftover food particles, it converts them to acid that can damage your teeth causing tooth decay and cavities.
  • Avoid sugary foods and drinks: Has your dentist ever told you to stay away from candy and sweet foods? Well, there is a good reason to avoid these sugary treats, sugars are acidic in nature and love to cling to the surface of your tooth. As previously mentioned, these acids can lead to tooth decay; however, that does not mean you have to eliminate sweet treats from your diet. After eating, simply rinse your mouth with water or, if possible, brush your teeth, these steps can help prevent cavities!
  • Schedule regular dentist visits: The best method to prevent tooth pain is to visit your Calgary dentist twice a year. Your dentist will be able to spot any issues before they become more serious. Most dental issues have symptoms that can be picked up during your routine checkup. This way you can stop the pain before it even becomes an issue!


How to Treat Tooth Pain?

  • Warm Saltwater Rinse: Saltwater is anti-bacterial and helps reduce inflammation. Rinsing your teeth with salt water can also help remove and clear out any leftover food particles. Food particles can often get stuck in your teeth, this puts pressure on the tooth and can irritate the area causing further pain. A saltwater rinse is a natural yet effective way to promote healing and soothe the inflamed area while also providing relief as the warmth draws out fluids from your gums.
  • Apply a Cold Compress: A cold compress can help alleviate discomfort and reduce swelling, the sudden temperature change constricts blood vessels and reduces inflammation. The cold helps to numb the area dulling the pain. Use a cloth to cover your cold pack, intense cold can damage your skin, so make sure to only apply it a few minutes at a time.
  • Over the Counter Pain Medication: If you need a quick and effective way to treat tooth pain take over-the-counter pain medication. Ibuprofen and acetaminophen help reduce inflammation and treat pain. This however is a temporary fix; medication can be used to relieve discomfort, but it isn’t a permanent solution.


If you have ongoing tooth pain, the best solution is to contact your local Calgary Dental Clinic. At Chinook Mall Family Dental Clinic, we provide emergency dental services, if you have severe tooth pain, chipped a tooth, lost a filling or crown, have facial pain or swelling, suspect your tooth or gum is infected or have an abscessed tooth call us as soon as possible to schedule an appointment. You can contact us by calling 403.252.7711 or requesting an appointment online.

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