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How is Your Overall Health – Your Dentist Knows!

Most of us might consider teeth and gums as separate from other aspects of personal health, yet they are more connected to serious health conditions then you might realize. Good dental health is a reflection of good health overall. That is because the mouth is a gateway to the rest of our body. It is how we breathe and nourish our bodies. It is also a major source of contracting infection, from the air, or from what we eat. A routine dental exam may reveal unknown problems with your bones, heart, blood sugar, or digestion because certain warning signs live inside your mouth. So, visiting Dr. Charchuk regularly is not only good for your dental health, but your overall health too.

Listed are a few diseases our team at Chinook Mall Family Dental Clinic can detect by just a thorough examination.


Oral Yeast Infections

One sign of pre-diabetes is frequent yeast infections in the mouth. In diabetics, yeast infections occur when blood glucose levels rise, creating an ideal environment for yeast cells to grow and divide. These kinds of infections are rare in healthy people, so dentists who encounter one look for a cause.

Yeast infections can develop as a side effect of antibiotics. But if you’re not taking antibiotics, your dentist will ask more questions to identify what may be additional symptoms of diabetes. These include unexplained weight loss, frequent urination and increased thirst. If you’re experiencing these symptoms along with an oral yeast infection, you might have undiagnosed diabetes.

Periodontal Disease. 

An additional warning sign is periodontal or gum disease, a type of bacterial infection that destroys gum and bone tissue. The infection attacks the support structure of the teeth, and can eventually cause tooth loss. This is different from tooth decay, which causes holes to form in your teeth. Diabetics with periodontal disease find it extremely hard to control their blood glucose levels because higher levels of sugar in the bloodstream can cause microbial organisms to grow in a way that creates an imbalance of bacteria in the mouth. When that happens, you get periodontal disease.

Heart Disease

People with poor oral health are more likely to have heart attacks. While it has not been proven that one of these conditions leads to the other; it has been observed that inflammation and the same type of bacteria were common in both diseases.


People with advanced gum disease have an increased level of C-reactive protein (CRP) which is a protein that rises during body inflammation. CPR levels are also used to determine a person’s risk of stroke. Inflammation seems to be a common factor in both gum and heart diseases.


During the early stages of gum disease, the gum becomes inflamed and bacteria overtake the mouth. These bacteria could find their way into the bloodstream and result in the thickening of the artery, which creates plaque build-up, and may eventually lead to heart failure.

Oral Cancer

This is screening is part of a regular oral examination. Clear signs of Oral Cancer are.

  • A lip or mouth sore that doesn’t heal.
  • A white or reddish patch on the inside of your mouth.
  • Loose teeth.
  • A growth or lump inside your mouth.
  • Mouth pain.
  • Ear pain.
  • Difficult or painful swallowing.

Oral health is integral to general health. Tooth loss is directly associated with deteriorating diet and compromised nutrition,which can impair general health and exacerbate existing health conditions.The mouth is often an entry point for infections, which may spread to other parts of the body. Research indicates there are associations between chronic oral infections and heart and lung diseases and stroke.Your daily oral routine is imperative to a healthy mouth and well being and regular check ups should never be missed. Please contact us for your thorough examination.


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